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Luxury Silk Ties

George Neale now offers his beautiful designer ties online at the Luxury Tie Store. $US dollars are used to purchase our mens ties as we have many international sales WORLDWIDE. Prospective clients understand the simple conversion from American $US Dollar against their own currency.


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Luxury Designer Ties

You have arrived at an exclusive space where George shares his unique and elite designs with those who are fanatical about the best designer clothing for men. Please browse the full collection of mens ties by clicking the image above.

With an assortment of colours, and patterns our amazing mens ties will match any suit, shirt, trousers or look, you will not be disappointed with some of the best neckties online and a very large selection on offer. Our luxury silk ties are available at a very reasonable price online for people who only want the best designer clothing to wear.

It is a strong belief, by the up and coming fashion designer, that quality should never be compromised thats why we make the best luxury neckties for men. All of his exclusive ties are intricately handcrafted from woven material and never printed. The small touch adds a level of elegance when worn by the most fashionable men. You will not only notice the small details but the knowledge that you can't find in similar high end mens ties is also very pleasing.

George's personal collection of the best mens tiesare solely made from the finest silk available. Each of his exclusive patterns have been designed with the gentleman in mind - his range of expensive silk ties for men will accent your personal style for business, formal, or casual occasions. To ensure the high standards in all of his luxury designer products, each of our upscale mens ties are individually checked before being sent to customers.


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Luxury Bow Ties & Pocket Squares

George sets himself high standards of craftsmanship for all of his menswear collections and his luxury bow ties are no exception. His stunning range of exclusive silk ties and elegant bow ties would make for the most opulent accessory for any gentleman. The traditional styles pair perfectly with a business suit and dress shirt, while his more extravagant designs are more suited for a more fashion-forward wardrobe.

Each of his expensive bow ties is unique and made from the highest quality silk which is only further boasted by a glorious selection of designer colours. So why not broaden your dress sense and lend your beautiful suits some sartorial kudos with a gorgeous bow tie from the George Neale collection?

Dress to impress with a classic stripe, or add an edgy twist to your ensemble with a beautiful bow tie to really show off your personal styling capabilities. Invest well in your designer wardrobe and buy quality as it will be the finer details that will really turn heads. The complete collection of exclusive bow ties is currently in production and will be available for purchase soon.

When he is not designing his own collection of luxury designer menswear, George offers his followers a sophisticated online journal to explore and celebrate all of his passions. His publications are coupled with independent journalism and detailed photography to inspire the everyday gentleman to live a little more interestingly throughout the year. Explore the latest posts on his expensive mens ties and luxury bow ties here.

Luxury Designer Suits

George Neale upmarket designer tie brand is not just limited to just the United Kingdom and has expanded to numerous countries around the world with thanks to his extensive ability to speak different languages. He often travels abroad to help promote the luxury tie brand whilst searching for inspiration for his next collection of designer ties and suits for men. His entire collections of luxury ties and beautiful bow ties is exclusively sold online and can be viewed here.

George is a luxury retailer specialising in producing mens ties, bow ties and pocket squares for special occasions or even everyday luxury. We are also developing some of the besr designer suits for men. At the moment we have put online a simple page offering some ideas and advice on how to dress for the office and some colour matching ideas.

We will in due course put images of our expensive suits for men which will link to our online shop for suits. So in the mean time please look at what we want to try to emulate with the best men's tie brand Giorgio Armani, which is a little expensive yet has that high class image. On price and quality we beat most luxury necktie stores in New York Washington Boston Chicago Las Angeles San Diego USA.






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